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How we work with you...

Pushing the boundaries between modern design and innovation while maintaining comfort

Analysing your needs

Our starting point. Sitting down with you and listening to your brief...Your likes, your dislikes.

Statement of Work

Once we have your brief, we then go away and complete a statement of work showing that we understood your brief. Costings are also provided at this time.

Client Validation

Your first look at what you've requested in the Statement of Work. Your opportunity to change items and update.

Execution Planning

Now we have your requirements validated, its time to plan the work to be done. Exciting times!

Its Go Day

Everything is checked, planned and balanced and its time to put the plans into action.


“The Sky is the limit” - the words we live and create by.

Our Services

Here is Where the Magic Happens!

Our Team

Meet the brains behind the Magic!
When we first decided to sell our house we figured that just leaving it empty would be the best bet, that way people can see it the way they want. After a chat with Jenny we decided to take her advice and asked her to stage for us. Through this whole process Jenny has been nothing short of phenomenally professional! She has asked us each step of the way, making sure we were comfortable with the decisions, sticking to our budget and really transforming our house, I had no idea it could look that nice! I honestly believe the floodgate of enquires, inspections and offers is because of her work. She will be styling my next home too!
Professional to the core. I recommend RenoMagic for all my clients who are selling their homes. Their staging adds value to all my sales and they're not expensive.
You have submitted some fantastic work and I have enjoyed working with you. I hope I have been helpful! I wish you all the best for the future - congratulations and good luck in the creative world of design.

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To get a free no obligation quote, please contact Jenny on 0488 545408. Telemarketing companies and those selling advertising need not call!