Building, Extensions and Additions and Garages, Carports and Sheds

Builders work to your house plans and organise the people that are needed to complete your particular project.  They may do the building work themselves or they may project manage – coordinating projects, managing the tradespeople, and managing the supply and delivery of materials.  They can also help to organise the necessary building permits and help you liaise with the local council.

  • Extensions and additions are the best way to add extra living space to a home if you do not want to sell up and move somewhere larger.  An extension is when you add more space to the outside of your existing home.  An addition is when you add another level to the top of your home.  Both of these have their pros and cons so it is best to talk to an architect or a builder before making any decisions.
  • Garage builders can design, plan and erect a garage to provide more storage for your home, whether it is for a vehicle or simply for gardening equipment. You can also use these for temporary entertaining areas, which is great when that little bit of extra space is required for a party or function.  Garages, carports and sheds can either be custom-built or pre-fabricated depending on your requirements.  Pre-fabricated is usually cheaper but retrofitting a garage to the existing home can often more than pay for itself in resale terms.  Garages and carports should blend with the existing home and also the street frontage.  This is true for sheds as well if they will be visible from the front of the home.

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