Renovation Top Tips

There are a few quick and easy changes you can make to boost the price of your property with a low-fuss renovation:

  • Clean – it’s amazing how a thorough clean increases the appeal of a home.
  • Paint inside and out.
  • Re-carpet or polish the floorboards.
  • Tidy or landscape the garden.
  • Change the light fittings, switches and sockets.
  • Instead of a new kitchen, simply change the kitchen cupboard doors.

These further renovations are more expensive, but can increase the value of your home significantly:

  • Replace the kitchen and bathroom – this is usually the best way of increasing a property’s value.
  • Extend out the back or into the roof space.
  • Convert the garage into a living space or bedroom.
  • Build a carport.
  • If you can, subdivide and add another residence or put a granny flat in the back garden – two incomes are always better than one.

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