Top 7 reasons to renovate rather than detonate.

  1. There are so many advantages to getting a head start on a renovation of your property; whether it is from savings on renovation costs due to supply dominating over demand when it comes to labour and construction.
  2. Renovation costs continue to remain reasonable if you have a good project manager who can negotiate hard on your behalf.
  3. While labour in the construction trade industry remains available and in abundance and costs are more aggressive than they have been in years, the price of goods and materials will soon start to increase with the decrease in the AUD. Many manufacturing companies have shutdown production facilities and carry little or even no inventory. A small pick-up in the construction industry will make products and materials much more difficult to obtain and lead-times will grow quickly. The global demand will put pressure on availability, therefore leading to an increase in pricing.
  4. Many properties have had very little capital invested in them over the last few years due to the economic situation. By renovating now, you can beat your competition to market with a new and refreshed product. Typical design and renovation cycles can take anywhere from six to twelve months in time to complete depending on the scope of work and services. By starting a renovation project now, you and your property will be very well positioned to take advantage of the predicted upturn in the Brisbane Property market.
  5. Finding the right team of professionals is one of the most important aspects to a successful project and providing you with a high quality product that generates more revenue due to the renovation.
  6. There are a few characteristics to look for in order to ensure the consultant team you hire will be the right fit for your project, its parameters and the overall goals of your project renovation. Finding a consultant or a group of consultants who understand and that can successfully work within program elements, communicates efficiently and transparently to the owners and understands your requirements are the building blocks onto which a strong renovation is built.
  7. In addition to a strong consultant team, there are three benchmarks to a successful renovation: quality product, fair price and the speed-to-market factor. There has never been a better time to capitalize on the current market conditions and be able to achieve great success in all of these areas.

All is all, no times like the present to improve your property in preparation for the steadily improving economy. What are you waiting for?


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