What if I don’t want to do the renovations myself?

If you’ve decided to put your renovation into the hands of the experts, finding a good team of tradespeople and other professionals can be the most challenging part of the job. They often have a different mentality and style of working to other relationships you have in your work roles, so it’s important to build a bond.

A great place to find good tradespeople and other professionals is through recommendations. Ask family, friends, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and buyers’ agents for referrals.

Recommendations from property investors who have completed a number of successful projects are especially valuable.

When dealing with any tradesperson, it’s important that you always ask for details of the insurances they hold and names and numbers of previous customers they’ve worked with. Make sure you actually check these referees to see if the work was carried out to their satisfaction. I often go and see projects that are midway through renovation, as well as ones that have been finished.

There’s also nothing to stop you asking for a guarantee: what penalty will they impose on themselves if they do not complete within a certain timeframe?

When you’ve found your team, the more you use them, the better they’ll work together, as you’ll build trust and learn to iron out little issues. If you’re doing a one-off project as an individual, finding a good team and building an instant relationship can be difficult, and in this instance it could pay to use a renovation project manager like Reno Magic.

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